Rivers of Qi

Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine

photo of acupuncturist and founder Jessida Putkaew in hormone health clinic.

Do you feel let down by your body? or have trouble estimating when your next period will be? We use traditional medicine combined with modern therapies to help you.

Whether you experience hormone problems robbing your energy, causing period pain, or want to optimize your fertility and IVF outcome, we approach your care with a combination mind, body, food, and lifestyle approach. With acupuncture, we tell your body to release and repair. With kindness, we encourage you to make lifestyle changes that are often necessary. In each treatment, you take a pause from your stress. This allows your nervous system to relax and reduces inflammation in your body.  We will create a plan with you to help you reach your goal.

When should you use acupuncture?

photo of tired and exhausted woman waking up and needing a cup of coffee to wake up.

When you "can't function without coffee".

When your anxiety is higher than the amount of stress in your life.

When you're trying to get pregnant and it's not happening.

When you pee if you sneeze or jump.

When you feel drained and have no libido left.

When you have to take days off because you're hindered by pain.

What symptoms can we help with?

photo of plants growing with sunlight.

Female reproductive health 

missing periods
lack of ovulation
long or short cycles
• menstrual cramps & back pain
• pain during sex
cyclic brain fog
• short luteal phase
recurring UTI's

Male  reproductive health 

• erectile dysfunction
low libido
low energy
• fertility issues such as low sperm count, low morphology, & low motility

Insulin resistance and pre-diabetes 

• frequently "hangry".
• craving carbohydrates, sweets, snacks, or caffeine.
• "tired and wired" feeling
• energy crashes in the afternoon
• weight gain.
• bloating.
• frequent urination.
• "heaviness" sensation.

Symptoms during IVF or IUI cycles

low fertilization rate / egg quality
• recurring miscarriages
• discomfort following egg retrieval or OHSS
• thin uterine lining
• depression or anger


• tired or exhausted
• reliance on caffeine and sugar
• stress and anxiety
• constipation
• weight gain
• always cold
• dry skin, thin hair, brittle nails
• forgetfulness or brain fog