Rivers of Qi

Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine

photo of acupuncturist and founder Jessida Putkaew in front of a bookshelf in clinic.

At Rivers of Qi, we use traditional acupuncture combined with modern therapies to balance overactive or underactive hormones, improve fertility, support IVF, IUI, & pregnancy, and  increase vitality.

Jessida enjoys helping people increase their quality of life. Whether you are looking to reduce menstrual cramps and severe mood swings, or were ready to start your family months ago, her mission is to help you achieve your goal. Jessida will approach your care from a combination mind, body, food, and lifestyle approach. "Nothing is happening in isolation," she says. Whether you are experiencing stress that leads to insomnia or digestive distress, want to prepare for a successful IVF procedure,  or feel overwhelmed by the many mixed health messages online, she will create a plan with you, and then be an accountability partner for YOUR specific journey. 

What symptoms can we help with?

Female reproductive health and gynecology symptoms

missing periods
lack of ovulation or long cycles
• menstrual cramps & back pain
• pain during sex
cyclic brain fog
• short luteal phase

Symptoms during assisted reproductive technology cycles

low egg quality
recurring miscarriages
•  mood swings during egg retrieval stimulation
•  discomfort following egg retrieval or OHSS
thin uterine lining for embryo transfer  implantation

Male  reproductive health symptoms

• erectile dysfunction
low libido
low energy
• low sperm count
• morphology

Thyroid, pituitary, and adrenal dysfunction symptoms

• "Tired and wired" feeling, fatigue
• insomnia
• reliance on caffeine and sugar
•  stress and anxiety
•  IBS
• weight gain
• hair loss
• brittle nails
• forgetfulness or feeling "not able to focus"

Pregnancy symptoms

• sciatica
• back pain
• anemia
• restless leg syndrome
• swelling and high blood pressure
• carpal tunnel syndrome
• gestational diabetes

Labor Preparation

• preparing the body to open the pelvis, soften the cervix, dilate smoothly, and strengthening muscles for the upcoming uterine and pelvic floor workout.

photo of blue, white, and gold marbled painting.