Rivers of Qi

Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine

Do you feel let down by your body? We use traditional medicine combined with modern therapies to help you.

When should you use acupuncture?

Whether you experience hormone problems robbing your energy, enthusiasm, causing pain, brain fog, or nightsweats, we approach your care with a combination mind, body, food, and lifestyle approach. With acupuncture, we tell your body to repair. With kindness, we encourage lifestyle changes that are often necessary to propel your success. Each treatment helps your nervous system relax and increases circulation in the body. Acupuncture can help you reach your goal.

"Is acupuncture is right for me?"
If you'r wondering this, start with a complimentary Meet & Needle appointment. This is a 15 minute consultation to answer any questions you have. This can be to talk about your specific health issue or to talk about how needling might feel and how small acupuncture needles truly are.