Prenatal Care,
Labor Preparation,
& Postpartum Care

Photo of a pregnant woman, holding her belly, smiling, and standing on a beach.

Pregnancy, what a beautifully uncomfortable time! Why does no one show all the discomfort that comes along with it? "I'm so tired and I haven't even told people I'm pregnant!" If this is you, we understand. Your body is doing A LOT long before you start to show and sometimes before it has even sunk in that you're pregnant. Give yourself grace and kindness and some acupuncture. 

Much like many journeys in life, pregnancy is amazing as a picture, but as a movie, there can be ups, downs, speed bumps and potholes, with a sprinkling of beautiful smooth road. We are here to support you through all of it.

Nausea / Low Appetite

Nausea and a new level of fatigue are among the most popular complaints in the first trimester of pregnancy. Even if you are not running to the trash can to throw up like in the movies, if you are feeling unable to eat normally, you are not alone and THIS COUNTS as pregnancy symptoms. 


Sciatica, low back pain, and carpal tunnel are no strangers during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy. Not everyone gets them, but if you do, we can work to reduce inflammation, increase circulation, and overall support your body to reduce pain.

Labor Preparation

How does acupuncture help labor and delivery? It prepares the body to open the pelvis, to soften the cervix, dilate smoothly, and strengthens muscles for the upcoming uterine and pelvic floor workout.

Acupuncture also increases circulation which promotes healing for the postpartum phase, whether your delivery is vaginal or via c-section.

Photo of a pregnant woman posing looking upward in hallway or room with a clock behind her..

Gestational Diabetes

If you've done the sugar test and results came back borderline or positive for gestational diabetes, there are definitely some diet changes that should be made. Sometimes these labs come back high even though you are already eating healthy, from there we may look at some lifestyle modifications and use acupuncture to help your body digest, absorb, and excrete what it should. Remember that diabetes is NOT black or white. It is about making sure your body processes your food as well as it can during this pivotal time and reducing blood glucose spikes for both you and baby's overall health. Gestational diabetes increases risk of diabetes following the birth, so good health habits are significant.

Photo of a person holding their belly, Does not show their face, and they're wearing bra, underwear, and a cardigan.


~ 1 day to 20 years ~

At Rivers of Qi, we have a special focus on helping women through their fertility, pregnancy, and postnatal journeys. These years are such a pivotal time in life, but most western care stops after childbirth when the journey is only midway through! The months and years following birth bring an array of challenges for each parent.  We enjoy being your support system through all these stages of change.

Whether you are 1 day postpartum and want to heal after the marathon of delivering, or you are 2 years postpartum and still notice thin hair, low energy, pelvic pain, or urinary incontinence, we can help.

In China, the first 30 days after birth are a sacred time where the new mom should focus on healing, resting, and bonding with her baby. This is called "mother roasting" as mom should be kept very warm to help her body replenish blood and not overwork her system with the task of fending off cold. During this time, other family members, friends, and villagers, bring her food and help with household tasks. Often an acupuncturist or herbalist visits and treats her as well.  

Here, we say "Come in as soon as you can." Everyone has a different amount of help at home, so there is no pressure to come in immediately. As soon as you can come in, we help with healing from delivery, supporting your body and mind while you are lacking sleep, and helping with milk production if lactation is a concern.