Gynecological Health

& Perimenopause

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Symptoms and diagnoses we can help with include:

Missing periods Painful sex

• PCOS • Endometriosis

Hot flashes • Nightsweats

Menstrual cramps • Cyclic brain fog

• Mood swings Recurring UTI's

Short cycles Heavy bleeding

Back pain Recurrent miscarriages

Gynecological Health

In East Asian medicine, we use the menstrual cycle as a measurement tool for every female-bodied person. Without invasion to the body, menstruation tells us about the body's blood volume, blood quality, hormonal activity, but also about blood flow, blockages, and energy in many other parts of the body. 

In addition to asking about menstrual cycle, we also encourage patients to get hormonal labwork done or take basal body temperature. Both of these methods are minimally invasive and give a lot of information. 

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When we work on cycle issues, it's ideal to see patients during every phase of your cycle. In only 5 days, your period is over. In a 28 day cycle, you'd have less than a week before you enter your fertile window, then less than a week within the window. Then there's a big hormonal shift, which depending on your goal, we may work on reducing symptoms leading up to your period or encouraging a more efficient bleed when it starts. Because of this timeline, treatments twice per week are ideal.


Entering menopause is often an uncomfortable time. Sleep can be effected, which leads to a cascade of low energy and less patience adding to mood swings. Add in vaginal dryness and you may feel like "this is worse than puberty". If this sounds familiar, acupuncture can help. Acupuncture cannot reverse this time in a woman's life, however, we can make the transition more smooth and support the body to flow from fertile years into menopause with less pendulum swings and ideally better sleep. 

Reproductive Health Program

Whether you suffer from PCOS, PMDD, or have other gynecological symptoms, our reproductive health program is made to help you. In this program, treatments are twice per week and are billed in intervals of $1,000 every 8 treatments, instead of all at once.  This is equivalent to $125/treatment. 

Most cycle based health issues take at least 3 months to make lasting changes. The total number of treatments will depend on  the severity of your symptoms and what your goal is. To discuss any questions, book a complimentary 15 minute consultation.

We also recommend a lab analysis at the beginning of your program. It allows us to take a deeper dive into your blood work, urine, saliva, or semen analysis labs so that we can focus exactly where you need help and to discuss the next course of action. Lab Analysis appointments are a separate appointment from your follow up treatments but can be scheduled back to back with a follow-up treatment. 

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Tip: If you've never paid attention to your cycle before, here are a few things to start writing down to keep awareness of your menstrual health: 

The first date of each period.
The number of days your period lasts.
The color of your bleed, amount, and whether there are clots or mucous.
Which days you have pain.
Do you get soft or watery stools that coincide with your period?
Do you get headaches or brain fog that coincide with your period?
• Do you get acne or anger that coincides with your period?