Male & Female

Whether you haven't gotten pregnant yet, have low libido, or have had miscarriages, acupuncture can benefit both the male and female reproductive systems. We help people at any stage of the fertility journey; preparing to try, trying naturally, doing IUI, IVF, egg freezing, or using a surrogate.  

The journey can feel like an uphill climb and we understand the range of emotions that come up for many of our patients. The anger at your own body, the sadness that takes you at random, or the fear and avoidance of social gatherings and certain conversations; all can make the journey an isolating place to be. We are here for you, using holistic medicine along with nutritional counseling and herbal medicine to help your optimize your chances and reduce your stress along the way!

Symptoms and diagnoses that we help with include:

IUI & IVF cycles

• low fertilization rate

• low egg quality

Implantation issues

• low response to stimulation medication

• discomfort following egg retrieval or OHSS

• thin uterine lining 

• depression, anger, or mood swings

Female  Reproductive Health 

• missing periods

• Endometriosis

• recurring UTI's 


• recurrent miscarriages

• painful sex

• long cycles

• short luteal phase

questionable ovulation

Male  Reproductive Health 

• erectile dysfunction and performance anxiety

low libido

low energy

• low sperm count

• low morphology

• low motility

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When we work on reproductive issues, it's ideal to see patients twice per week. For male anatomies, this allows your treatments to build upon one another. This is highly beneficial for timely improvement. It's important to build up your health and then to reduce frequency of treatments in the maintenance phase.

For female anatomies, we want to see you during every phase of your cycle. In only 5 days, your period is over. In a 28 day cycle, you'd have less than a week before you enter your fertile window, then less than a week within the window. Then there's a big hormonal shift, when we work on reducing symptoms leading up to a smooth period and also encouraging your uterus to become a cozy home during the "tww". Because of this timeline, treatments twice per week are ideal. 

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Reproductive Health Program 

Whether you're just starting, are in the middle of IVF stim meds and want to do what you can, or have transferred and failed in the past, acupuncture can help by sending signals to direct your body to heal, release, and strengthen, to optimize fertility and reduce stress. 

In this program, treatments are twice per week. Patients are billed $1,040 every 8 treatments. This is equivalent to $130/treatment.  Increasing egg or sperm quality take 3 months and the total number of treatments depends on where you are in your fertility journey, your health history, and what your goal is. To discuss specific questions, book a complimentary 15 minute consultation.

We also recommend a lab analysis at the beginning of your program. It allows us to take a deeper dive into your blood work, urine, saliva, or semen analysis labs so that we can focus exactly where you need help and to discuss the next course of action. Lab Analysis appointments are a separate appointment from your follow up treatments but can be scheduled back to back with a follow-up treatment.