Why Acupuncture

Hi, I’m Jessida Putkaew. I have had a fear of needles! A fear which kept me from trying acupuncture for most of my life. When I met my acupuncturist, I felt relaxed. Something was different in her presence and I made the crazy-for-a-needle-fearing-person decision to try it. After a few needles were in, I was in awe that I barely felt them! Thus came the true test, “Can acupuncture really do anything?”

Jessida in front of a body of water.

I'm not a health-nut, junk-food-phobic, nor athletic-since-I-was-5 type of person. Health was always desirable, but no matter what I tried, I had lackluster results. Eventually I pushed health further and further to the side.

When I received my first acupuncture treatment, I honestly didn’t think it could do much. It wasn’t until I felt changes in my own body that I started to believe. I watched for my health to yo-yo backwards, but instead of "the inevitable yo-yo", my health continued to make progress. My doubt in the tiny needles washed away little by little, replaced by curiosity that grew more and more. I had to learn about the power of East Asian medicine, so after picking up a book that only increased my fascination, I enrolled in the Master's of Science in Oriental Medicine program at Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College, Berkeley.

Jessida jumping on a beach.

Eastern versus and Western

The study of Chinese and Japanese medicine in a Western integrated school has allowed me to learn multiple methods of diagnosis and treatment. I am happy to work alongside other styles of medicine, using shared knowledge to reach your health goal. Western medicine has great strengths in immediate repair. East Asian medicine is great for treating a wide range of imbalances, pain, & for recovery. I aim to help those around me enjoy life without compromising a healthy tomorrow.

Jessida has also volunteered at Charlotte Maxwell Clinic for Integrative Cancer Care. For more information about Charlotte Maxwell Clinic click here.