Detox Your Home Day

A cleanse of your environment that is cleansing for your liver, your hormones, your skin, & more. 

The process: Jessida will go to your house for up to 3 hours and create a clear and organized plan of things you should replace to reduce harmful toxins in your #1 environment. 

Step 1: We discuss your pain points. Which areas do you have the most trouble with or feel most concerned about? If you don't know where to start, we start with a walk through of your house.

Step 2: I identify toxins to get rid of, actively moving out ones that we can trash or give away right there.

Step 3: I make a list of the other harmful items which we couldn't remove at the time, so you can follow up removing them in a clear and easy order. 

Step 4: I send you a list with at least 2 recommended options of replacements for each item you toss. 

Who is this for?  A person who feels overwhelmed by the endless lists of "toxic items you may have in your home" on the internet. Those who don't know what to replace first nor have time to research what to replace the items with. If you would feel a weight lifted off your shoulders after doing this cleanse, this is for you!

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