Thyroid Disorders & Adrenal Imbalances

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism 

• tired or exhausted
• reliance on caffeine and sugar
• stress and anxiety
• constipation
• weight gain
• always cold
• dry skin, thin hair, brittle nails
• forgetfulness or brain fog

Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism 

manic  or feeling wired
• trouble sleeping
• irritability
• nervousness
• constipation
always hot
•  irregular heartbeat or palpitations

Thyroid disorders and adrenal imbalances are both problems of high or low hormone levels. Hormones play a role in nearly every part of our bodies by activating actions in the cells of multiple body systems. When functioning properly, this is great news because we don't have to make a different hormone for each tiny segment of our body to digest a single bite of food or to prepare our body to run away in a time of danger. However, when dysfunction happens, it can feel overwhelmingly complicated, because the symptoms effect us in more ways than we can count. The good news is that hormones can be brought into balance with some work and dedication to your health. In some cases, medication is recommended alongside these health changes. This will depend on the severity of your labwork and symptoms.

As we fight to keep up with the demands of modern life, we impart stress on ourselves both mentally and physically. After an extended time, even low level stress from thyroid disorders can lead our "stress hormone" cortisol to go awry as well. 

Cortisol is supposed to be higher when we wake up to get us ready for our day, and to be lower in the evening to prepare us for bed. When thrown off, we can end up with insomnia and waking at night, yet fatigue and tiredness during the day. Some who experience this begin to rely on "pick me ups" such as sugar or caffeine to keep going or over the counter medicine to cause drowsiness at night. From our body's perspective, these are not fixing the problem, just patching it. 

Rivers of Qi is dedicated to helping you find a way to live your best life. To help your body navigate fixing itself while you make changes to allow it to do that. There is no right amount of exercise or perfect way of eating that fits everyone. The beauty of East Asian medicine is that we aim to harmonize you based on what you come in with, and comparing your progress to your own goals. If you feel burned out or overwhelmed, its never too late to work on it.